Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, jr. signed a new contract today with Fernando Gutierrez, president of the Negros established Talarak Rescue and Conservation Breeding Center. The contract will assure the Talarak the financing of over 1 million pesos in support of protection the endangered species of birds of Philippine Islands. The center has become world famous for breeding animals ten times rarer than the well known panda – the symbol of international nature conservation.
We would like to share very happy news. Three fawns of Visayan spotted deer were born in the Centre on 2nd and 3rd September. Mothers are Faline the oldest female in the herd and her first and second offspring Colosa and Mariana. The father of all fawns Maambong was transfered from NFEFI-BCC and these are his first offspring.
Three young Mindanao Writhed Hornbills (Aceros leucocephalus) have already fledged from the nesting box.