Conservation Breeding Center Talarak was established in 2009 thanks to the initiative of Pavel Hospodarsky and Fernando L. Gutierrez, a great lover of nature and conservationist. Together with five other businessmen from Bacolod, Kabankalan and Talisay they established the Talarak Foundation Inc. and pledged to sponsor the center for first five years. "Dino" Gutierez also became the first president of the Talarak Foundation Inc. The project of the center was worked out in the manner that after a certain time it should be financially self-sufficient.

The center is located on an area of 2 ha near the Kabankalan City on the Negros island, which is in the terms of protection of nature one of the most interesting islands of the Philippines. Facilities at the center are very simple and in the first place functional. There are simple breeding aviaries, the fledging and rehabilitation releasing aviary, paddocks, area for feed preparation, quarantine and a simple infirmary. At the end of the year 2011, a house for volunteers was built.

Currently, overt 35 species of animals are bred at the conservation center (of which twenty-two are endemic species, another fifteen species are at different levels of threat). The center is run by five keepers.

Animals which get into the center are usually seized on the black market or they are exchanged with local breeders for more attractive species. Recently, with the spreading of the awareness about conservation of nature, the center has received some individuals also as a present. Some of the rescued birds are absolutely unique and are very poorly known among breeders and ornithologists. Experience with the breeding of these species is therefore in many ways a unique way of helping to reveal other "secrets" of biology and ethology of the species in the wild.

The project of the conservation breeding center is significant as it is sponsored by local sponsors without the help of foreign institutions.